Sweat Off The Pounds With A Sauna Sweat Suit

The Sauna sweat suit is aptly named, as it is exactly as it says. The sauna sweat suit, or sauna suit as it is more commonly called, is a suit with elasticized wrist ankles and neck that is typically made of a rain suit material such as nylon, vinyl or latex-rubber. It is often worn during exercise to increase the effects of the exercise on the body, such as higher body temperature and an increased heart rate. The sauna sweat suit is said to make the wearer lose weight faster, but this weight is mostly lost in the form of water due to the higher volume of perspiration that is being sweat out.

Competitive athletes who need to lose weight before a competition often use these suits

Boxers will work out strenuously the day before a match in order to get rid of as much water weight as possible in order to fit into a certain weight class. Equestrians are also another group of athletes who use these suits since added weight is a liability in horse racing. In order to lose as much water weight as possible, some athletes will layer clothes on underneath or overtop of the sauna suit to increase the amount that they sweat, but this can be extremely risky and isn’t recommended.

Wearing a sauna suit can be a risky endeavor, since it interferes with the body’s natural method of cooling. When the human body gets too hot it begins to sweat. It is when the sweat evaporates off of the skin that the body begins to cool. If you are wearing a sauna suit, the environment inside the suit becomes quite damp and the sweat cannot evaporate. Because of this, some experts question whether the benefits of the sauna sweat suit, which are already questionable when speaking in terms of long-term weight loss and fat reduction, really outweigh the risks.

If you decide to attempt exercise while wearing a sauna sweat suit, it is first recommended that you receive consent from your doctor. And if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, than wearing a sauna suit while attempting a strenuous exercise is not recommended. Keep in mind that most likely the weight you are shedding while wearing the sauna suit is water weight, and you will gain it back very quickly. If you are looking to shed inches, than a sauna suit may help you with that, but it is still the primary elements of diet and exercise that are most important.

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