Sauna Exercise Suit Like Being In A Steam Sauna

The sauna suit, also called a sauna exercise suit, is a modern take on the centuries old invention of the sauna. Saunas have been around for thousands of years and there are many different types of saunas out there. The two most commonly known saunas are the dry sauna and the steam sauna. The sauna exercise suit is meant to create an environment that closely mimics the steam sauna.

The early steam sauna was created by pouring water on rocks that had been heated with a fire built in an enclosed space.. They have long been associated with health benefits such as increased circulation and a higher metabolism- not too mention the respiratory benefits from breathing in the steamy air. It is widely known that breathing in warm moist air while you have a cold or bronchitis can work to dramatically decrease the severity of your symptoms.

While the modern sauna exercise suit doesn’t allow the wearer to breathe in the steamy air, it does emulate the rest of the sauna like atmosphere by trapping body heat and moisture and keeping it close to the body. So though your lungs aren’t breathing in the steamy air, your skin is bathing in the damp environment. This is an excellent way to lose excess water weight and to rid your body of toxins.

For best results while wearing your sauna suit, it is recommended that you wear your suit while exercising. It is necessary to work up a sweat inside the suit in order to create the wet atmosphere needed to get the sauna effect.  But because the suit doesn’t allow your body threat to escape, it doesn’t take a lot of effort before you feel your body heat rising and your rate of perspiration dramatically increasing.

Because dehydration is always a risk when there is excessive heat and perspiration involved, it is recommended that you drink plenty of fluids and become educated on the early warning signs of dehydration to avoid more serious problems. Also, avoid wearing your sauna suit outside on a hot and sunny day when there is also a great risk of getting sunstroke. It is also important to keep your electrolyte levels up due to the amount of salt that is released with sweat. Here, plain water doesn’t always cut it. If you are concerned about your electrolyte levels, there are sport drinks available that are made especially for athletes, such as Gatorade ™.

These suits are effective for quick weight loss due to the extra amount of water weight lost, but it is unclear if the sauna exercise suits make a dramatic difference when used long term.

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