Alternatives To Latex Sauna Suit's For Those With Latex Allergies

The Sauna Suit is a suit made of non-breathable material that is worn while exercising to mimic the effect of exercising in a sauna. Wearing a latex sauna suit while exercising is said to increase the blood’s circulation, increase the body’s metabolic rate (thereby burning fat and calories faster) and it is also said to release more toxins from the body via the sweat glands because of the increased perspiration.

Sauna suits are made from a variety of other materials, including nylon and vinyl, which is good news for people with a severe latex allergy.

Latex is a rubber that can be made naturally from the rubber tree, but it can also be made synthetically.

People who have a severe allergy to latex may go into anaphylactic shock if they come into contact with the rubber.

You may be wondering where you can find a latex sauna suit, or a sauna suit made of another fabric. Sauna suits are sold at select sporting goods and big box retailers across North America. They are relatively inexpensive, starting at less than ten dollars for a cheap one.

Because there is a large range in price and quality, it is prudent to do some research first to see what exactly you are getting for your money. Also, keep in mind the physical activity you plan on doing while wearing the suit, and purchase accordingly.

You can always start with a cheap latex sauna suit to see if you like wearing a sauna suit while exercising. If you don’t, then you have only spent a few dollars, and the wasted suit is easily thrown into your recycle bin. If you do, then with proper care, this inexpensive suit can last for a long time.

Most latex sauna suits require hand washing and they can tear easily, so hand wash with caution.

But, not too worry if you do rip your latex sauna suit, it is easy to repair or buy another one.

A word of caution if you choose to exercise while wearing a latex exercise suit: ensure that you are drinking enough fluids, and be well versed with the early warning signs of dehydration.

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