When A Sauna Doesn't Suit, Buy A Sauna Suit!

Relaxing in a sauna can be one of the best things you can do for your body, and wearing a sauna suit can closely mimic this – without the hefty price tag of installing a sauna in your home. Anyone who has spent time in a sauna knows of the cleansing feeling achieved just by sitting in the warm environment. You can almost feel the impurities melting away. Your body feels cleansed and rejuvenated with the release of excessive amounts of perspiration.  

Regular use of a sauna has been associated with a higher metabolism and better circulation, similar to the after effects of a hard workout- without the workout! In theory, the effect of the heat on your body causes the sweat glands to open up.

When we sweat, impurities are also sweated out, having a detoxifying effect. It is well known that many of our body’s impurities are release through our skin via the pores. As you can imagine, when we increase the amount our body sweats, we are ridding our body of many harmful toxins.

Increased circulation increases the flow of blood to the extremities, meaning that more oxygen is being distributed. The human body needs oxygen to live, and the blood plays a vital role in distributing that oxygen. When you increase the blood flow, you are optimizing the bloods distribution of that oxygen. This has an extremely beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

An increased metabolic rate is one of the main goals of any athlete or fitness-oriented individual. When a person’s metabolic rate increases, their ability to burn fat and calories increases, thereby allowing a person to lose more weight. Water weight is also lost because of the amount of perspiration that is sweated out.

Now imagine if you could combine the sauna and a strenuous workout and reap double the benefits!

Enter the sauna suit. A typical sauna suit is made like an oversized sweat suit, but it is made of a non-breathable material such as nylon or vinyl, so that your own body heat creates a sauna like effect inside the suit. This suit is typically meant to be worn while you exercise to increase the benefits of your workout by increasing the amount of perspiration, causing you to further increase your metabolic rate, shed toxins and increase your heart rate and circulation.

So forget about spending countless hours planning inconvenient renovations and spending thousands of dollars on putting a sauna in your home. You don’t even need to purchase a monthly spa membership to reap the benefits of using their sauna.  And you don’t have to worry about taking extra time to hit the sauna after your workout. Now you can combine your workout and the sauna, saving time and money while reaping double the benefits. Just don a sauna suit before your workout and watch your body transform!


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